18th BigBlueButton Developer Conference

Join us in Berlin, Nov 27 to Dec 1st, for our 18th Developer Conference to accelerate the capabilities of BigBlueButton for the global community.

Welcome to 18th BigBlueButton Developer Conference

The BigBlueButton core developers invite you to join us in Berlin, Nov 27 - Dec 1st for five days of hands-on development and sprints to accelerate advancements to BigBlueButton.  The conference will be held in Adlershof, which is part of Humboldt University of Berlin.

Last year, at the 16th BigBlueButton Developer Summit (December 2022), was a huge success that culminated in twelve presentations by the teams showcasing their hard-work and advancements to the BigBlueButton project during the week. 

We will follow the same plan, and at the end of the week make presentations to the global BigBlueButton community at 13:00 UTC.


This is an in-person hands-on summit.  We invite developers in the BigBlueButton community, User Experience Designers, Instructional Technologists specializing in the area of virtual classrooms, BigBlueButton administrators, and anyone involved with the BigBlueButton project who interested in working with us through the week and contributing their skills to improve the project.

The projects for 18th BigBlueButton Developer Summit will include

  • Robust Audio - The core developers will be exploring opportunities to further improve the audio quality, including prototyping with different back-ends (such as livekit.io).
  • Hybrid Teaching - Many universities have existing in-room video hardware that are capable of displaying web-based applications.  We will explore creating a system to allow schools to easily bridge in BigBlueButton to a physical class through such systems.  We will also explore building upon last year's work to create a light-weight client experience for students in the class to participate in polls and discussions.
  • Plugin-in Architecture - The BigBlueButton project is working on accelerating extending the client functionality of BigBlueButton via a plug-in architecture (planned for BigBlueButton 3.0).  We have already released a plugin SDK as part of the development of BigBlueButton 3.0.  We are also exploring using the plug-in architecture to support Hybrid Teaching.
  • User Interface Design - We will continue our work to update the BigBlueButton user experience, making it more consistent and modular, with the goal of increasing the usability while creating the design language to extend BigBlueButton with plug-ins.

We expect there will be work on accessibility (live transcriptions and translations), stress testing the latest builds, updates to documentation, improvements to integrations (such as through the API or using LTI), and other topics depending on the attendees. 

Registration is free.


About BigBlueButton

BigBlueButton is a virtual classroom platform that focuses on increasing learning outcomes for students.  

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has set forth seventeen sustainability goals (SDG).  It is the road-map for our planet.   SDG #4 is Quality Education for Everyone.  That's our goal as well.

BigBlueButton is an open source project and, thanks to our global community, it is localized into over 55 languages. For more information visit see https://bigbluebutton.org/.

We particularly want to thank ZKI, the German association of Higher Education IT centers, for its members that have collectively supported the overall development of BigBlueButton. 

Conference Sponsors

Blindside Networks

Blindside Networks are the creators of BigBlueButton. Blindside Networks provides premium BigBlueButton hosting and services support, which help teachers and students unlock the full potential of BigBlueButton through the customisation of many of the best features of the platform.

Blindside Networks Inc. uses BigBlueButton and is not endorsed or certified by BigBlueButton Inc. BigBlueButton and the BigBlueButton Logo are trademarks of BigBlueButton Inc.


Mconf is a Brazilian company with over 10 years experience developing video conferencing solutions based on BigBlueButton to meet various needs (see elos.vc, our virtual classroom, and triades.vc, focused on court hearings). Mconf actively contributes to the development and improvement of BigBlueButton and is the company that hosts the BigBlueButton Summits in Brazil.


With a rich 20-year history, iMDT has been indirectly involved with BigBlueButton right from the start, as we were actively engaged in the development of the Red5 media server, which formed the foundation of the initial version of BigBlueButton. Since those early days, our commitment to BigBlueButton has only grown stronger. Supported by a partnership with BlindSideNetworks, we work on daily basis to improve BigBlueButton, shaping the future of this remarkable platform.


The Apereo Foundation works to increase the awareness and adoption of open source software in and for education. The Foundation supports open source projects used in thousands of colleges and universities worldwide. Our international community of educators, developers, academic institutions, and commercial partners deliver industry-leading open source software serving the academic mission.

think modular

think modular is an Austrian full-service provider with a focus on international settings (learning, networking, conferencing across the globe). We offer simultaneous translation embedded in BigBlueButton and maintain the official BigBlueButton-Drupal Integration.