Using AI to make education amazing

K Harding
K Harding

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Open Education will Save the World

Martin has been quite engaged with generative AI since 2019, so much so that he quit being CEO of Moodle to become the Head of Research, focussing on AI and AR. He has a lot of thoughts about the future of AI in education, as well as the industry in general, and will be sharing some of them in this session.


About Martin Dougiamas

Martin Dougiamas is the founder of the open-source Moodle software project he started in 1999. The Moodle platform consists of a number of products, but the best-known is Moodle LMS, which allows educators in all sectors to create private educational spaces online, filled with tools for collaborative learning. Martin has a mixed academic background with multiple post-graduate degrees in Computer Science and Education, three honorary doctorates and is a member of multiple boards around the world. He continues to focus on researching how open education technology can best support teaching and learning in open and human ways, with a keen interest in helping to produce a generation that can meet the UN’s sustainable development goals. Martin is also on the board of Open Education Global and the founder of Open Edtech Association.

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