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Conference Help

Tips for successfully participating in the BigBlueButton World 2024

If you did not register yet, please register here:

If you encounter any technical difficulties, please send a support request.

Step 1: Login to the conference platform

Once logged in, you have immediate access to all conference events. 


In case you did not yet activate your account after registration, e.g. never logged in so far, you can always use the "Forgot Password" Link to recover your account.


Step 2: Make sure your timezone is set correctly

This is an international conference - and we all are in different timezones. If you did not yet change the timezone during your first login, your timezone is set to Toronto time! The platform will calculate the right time for you based on our account settings.


Make sure to set the timezone and save your account:

Set timezone

Step 3: Enroll in the session you are interested in

To enroll in a session, click ENROLL, and then click Join Meeting to enter the live session.

Once enrolled you will receive a  Google calendar invitation.

Step 4: Join the events, give feedback and leave comments

Now you are prepared to join the events!

At the end of each session, we will redirect you to a short feedback survey. We appreciate if you take one minute to provide your feedback! 

Last, but not least: Feel free to leave comments with questions or additional ideas for the community.